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Now that we understand the break out component of the Super Combo, let’s delve into the failed break out methods. In terms of our system, the fol-lowing three scenarios define a failed upside break out: 1. The market gaps above yesterday’s high a certain amount and then trades below it a certain amount. 2. Super combo strategy in forex day trading is one such great strategy which can be use to make profits from day trading. Read the following article to know about forex day trading super combo strategy.

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The ‘Combo’ Setup Whilst the price action combo setup is super simple, it also has a solid price action order base from which to trade it from. The combo setup is reliant on the trigger setup, or the high probability reversal setup.

However, its code is complex, yet system like Trade Station offers in depth commentary on programming to facilitate understanding. Moreover, super combo strategy in forex day trading online uses both Breakout and Failed Breakout technology as the foundation of the system, making it a top performer. The breakout component of the system, finds the "sweet spot" above or below the open that foretells further movement in that direction.

As for the failed breakout component, once a trade has been initiated, the system uses protective, break-even, and trailing stops to manage the position. Moreover, super combo strategy in forex day trading system also utilizes a protective stop reversal. Sometimes a trade is put on and failure occurs within the next couple of hours. However, this can occur without the system sensing a failed break out.

In a nutshell, if you can run it without the NFA compatibility option, do that. The idea was to compare the resulted relative drawdown to further emphasize the difference. The drawdown difference becomes quite noticeable now: Just like in the previous comparison, Forex Combo System 2. This section was added on The situation there is dire; for the occasional reader that is not aware of the situation, it can be summed up as follows: Most brokers will let you have additional accounts without any questions asked, so what you can do is open two more accounts in addition to your main account, split the balance three ways and run each strategy on its own account.

One thing that you have to adjust in this case is the risk: If your broker starts asking questions when you ask for a couple more accounts, just tell them you want to try a different strategy on the second account and that you have a newborn whom you believe to be the reincarnation of Nostradamus and intend to trade according to his bowel movements on the third account.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are some brokers that simply let you open extra accounts automatically from the web account management interface. Of course, this calls for some new backtests and some readers already asked for them, so here they are.

To make it easier to compare, I backtested using pretty much the same settings as I used in the original backtests. When money management is enabled, the drawdown and profit factor difference becomes a lot more visible. The end profit is only a wee bit higher and other than the drawdown the backtests are extremely similar.

I guess it can be safely said that besides the NFA compliance additions, the only change in 2. While the backtest was running, I noticed there was a drawdown that lasted from march until march It might suddenly boom like it did on my account in the first month, but it also might just hover around for a while as it seems to be doing at the time of this writing.

As it should be expected given the SL change to , the scalper system has a greatly reduced drawdown from 4. A side effect is the profit factor, which went a bit down in 2. Nothing much to be said about the breakout strategy. Just like Stephen J posted today in the comments, the reversal system is kind of the weaker link in the system, having a lower profit factor than the other two systems while having a larger drawdown. As such, I proceeded to backtest using an Alpari MT4 terminal with history center data and a spread of 2 pips, disabling the automatic GMT setting of the EA and using a manual offset of 2.

Before proceeding to tick data, I also performed a backtest on history center data with all strategies enabled but with a GMT offset of 1 instead of 2. Naturally, I also ran some tick data backtests. The spread used was fixed at 2 pips, identical to that used in the history center data backtests. The performance is very much in line with the results obtained by backtesting on history center data. I was curious as to how come this happened because the data should be mostly the same; as it turns out, the small differences in the data resulted in wildly different trades.

As in the history center data backtests, the scalper is the best performer, but the breakout and reversal systems are also able to nicely hold their own.

Add to that the fact that the GMT offset thing keeps itching at my mind and you will see why I came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to open a second, separate forward test account for the GBPUSD version. This will allow everyone to track the performance of each pair individually and set their risk according to the profitability of each forward test. If you can hang in there for the zig-zag periods, this EA is a must-have. For example, if you have you order set to enter, and price has not been entered for 10 days, do you let price continue?

If your entry orders are still open after 10 days, but price has not been past your stop point, at what point do you cancel the entry order? These are things you cannot just make up as you go along. It is super important with this strategy that you always take the break of the lows and do not try and take short cuts.

When you try and take short cuts you always get your always get burnt. There are no free lunches, and those who commit and are willing to go the extra yards always seem to have more luck for some reason. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.


These 15 minute trades are very easy to discern and are great if you are going to spend a little time on your charts trading. Forex Verified is not automatically notified when a new comment is posted.

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As it would be expected, this generates some losses, but also some wins, being quite well into the positive after all is said and done. Moving on, I attempt a test with money management enabled.

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