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DEFINITION of 'Blue Chip Indicator'

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What is the interest rate for an HDFC forex card? Which is best for students? Travellers cheque or forex card? Which bank allows offers on a Forex card? What is a forex card? How do I use forex card? Blue chip indicators are a formal gauge of the most widely owned stocks in the investment universe. Investors use blue chip indicators as a benchmark for the economy and the stock market.

Many blue-chip companies offer stable and consistent returns, making them ideal bellwethers of an industry's or region's economic strength. Blue chip indicators are the foundation of many investment portfolios. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is arguably the most popular blue chip indicator. It seeks to track the performance of the 30 most widely owned and largest public companies. The index is calculated by a price weighted method and adjusted to account for corporate events, such as splits and buybacks.

Besides the Dow, other examples of blue chip indicators include the New Europe Blue Chip Index, which tracks 30 of the most traded stocks in central, eastern, and southeastern Europe, and the DAX , which follows the top 30 companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. And while there is no agreed upon definition of what constitutes a blue chip company, they all share similar qualities.

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BREAKING DOWN 'Blue Chip Indicator'

How does a forex card work?

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Tarifas móviles Tecnología Móviles Economía del hogar Economía. And while there is no agreed upon definition of what constitutes a blue chip company, they all share similar qualities.

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